We are a passionate crew aiming to shape better workplaces.

We are led by a team of executives with deep experience in SAAS solution development, enterprise architecture, and commercial growth. Our leadership team is motivated to enable social change and growth for employers and employees.

Sonali Siddha

AnonyMoose Founder

Sonali Siddhais an esteemed 20-year-plus veteran of the IT business. Sonali Siddha began her engineering and design career helping pioneer email, EDI and eFAX solutions to businesses in India. Ms. Siddha continued a highly successful engineering and design career as team leadat OneBeacan Insurance. In 2013, she co-founded ExclusivelyForYou, an invitation-only E-commerce startup, aimed at bringing luxury goods to unique marketplaces. In 2017, Siddha became Founder and CEO of Nidarr, a social impact initiative in Govt Citizen space.

Ulysses Wong

AnonyMoose Co-founder and CEO

Ulysses Wong has spent20+ years aggressively scaling global technology businesses for private equity firms and publiclytraded companies including: Platinum Equity, Flex, Switzerland-based Logitech, Japan-based Hitachi and IBM. In 2016, Wong became President and CEO at Enbi Group, a PE-backed global manufacturer. Recruited by Platinum Equity to globalize Enbi Group, Wong grew Enbi’srevenue and EBITDA, developed GTM strategies, expanded operations andbuilt substantialenterprise value,taking the Enbi Group to the next level, then exited with a successful liquidity event.

Gunjan Siddha

AnonyMoose Co-founder and President

Gunjan Siddha has maximized his experience as a dynamic solutions architect andhas utilized hisMBA business savvy to impact multiple industries. His vast experience covers business categories including telecommunications, banking, financial institutions, federal government, healthcare, mining, gaming, technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and automotive. Siddha has worked with major stakeholders, cross-functional and technical teams. Since 2000, Siddha has held key senior solutions architect roles at eDocs, Oracle and NetSuite. Gunjan is exceedingly revered for his work in the SaaS-based subscription billing and revenue management space. Siddha handled high-valuestrategic accounts, provided technical leadership and complex solutions scoping pre-sales and post-sale strategic implementation.Before joining AnonyMoose, Siddha served as COO for earth&US, a Zero waste Lifestyle solutions creator.

Career Opportunities

We are always interested in meeting folks who may be a long-term fit for our team. We do not have any open positions, but you can get in touch with us at: jobs@anonymoose.co