Building an inclusive workplace for all.

Leveraging Anonymous employee communication directly with leadership, creating principled workplaces for all.

AnonyMoose features that empower operations:

AnonyMoose Hotlines

Empower employees with the tools to fill out, submit and track status sensitive incidents they wish to report to leadership.

Employee Pulsing & Surveys

Quickly draft and send rapid polls for all or select staff to provide single-tap answers on anything you wish to measure.

AnonyMoose Openlines

Set-up open hotlines for employees looking to engage with leadership from specific departments.

Additional features to gather culture insights


Our Admin Dash allows management to view all incoming reports, manage messages, setup noti˜cations, and view team polls.

Control Panel

Use your control Panel to set-up open lines by team and allow team leaders to be accessible to employees.

Moose AI

All employee messages are scanned by our proprietary AI algorithms to analyze trends, employee sentiment, or risks to your organization.

Ways organizations are
leveraging AnonyMoose

Sexual Harrassment

Report incidents without involving direct managers.​


Gather input on products, processes or other areas.

Culture Improvement

Open suggestion box for all key teams including; Ops, HR and Leadership.

Health & Safety

Flag risks and recommendations from your workforce, whether from the office, factory or field.

Risk & Compliance

Identify behaviours or processes increasing company risk.

Polling & Surveys

Get insights into employee sentiment, enabling practical, feasibly proactive measures.

Our promise to customers


AnonyMoose provides the tools and processes that employees need in order to feel encouraged to speak up regarding the most delicate matters. Employee and employer data is maintained encrypted at all times and an employee™s identity is never released without their approval


Organizations thrive when they embrace radical transparency, hear every voice, and empower every employee to speak up. AnonyMoose delivers that.


AnonyMoose gives every employee the necessary tools to ensure that their voice is heard at the highest levels of their organization.

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