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Discover how anonymous employee communication can help you create a more resilient culture, committed workforce, and principled leadership today.

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Anonymous input.

-Maximum output.

Introducing the first incident reporting and employee pulsing platform that empowers employees with a confidential and direct line of anonymous communication with senior leadership, allowing companies to build a more inclusive, safe and positive workplace for all.

Three paths to listening
to your workforce.

incident reports

Empower employees with the tools to fill out, submit and track status sensitive incidents they wish to report to leadership.

Employee Pulsing

Quickly draft and send rapid polls for all or select staff to provide single-tap answers on anything you wish to measure.


Set-up open hotlines for employees looking to engage with leadership from specific departments.

Ways organizations are
leveraging AnonyMoose

Sexual Harrassment

Report incidents without involving direct managers.​


Gather input on products, processes or other areas.

Culture Improvement

Open suggestion box for all key teams including; Ops, HR and Leadership.

Health & Safety

Flag risks and recommendations from your workforce, whether from the office, factory or field.

Risk & Compliance

Identify behaviours or processes increasing company risk.

Polling & Surveys

Get insights into employee sentiment, enabling practical, feasibly proactive measures.

What our clients have to say

Musings from the Moose


Cause and effect is a simple yet invaluable concept that is learned at a very young age. IF you touch the stove, THEN you will

Why teams are moving to
anonymous communication

Increase Employee
Feedback & Reporting

Reduce Brand

Reduce External

Establish Principled Culture

Increase Employee Tenure

Create Open Innovation

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