A platform to enable Inclusion and Humane Workplaces

Introducing the first enterprise-level anonymous communications solution for your on-the-go workforce. This pioneering Saas platform opens a two-way direct line of communication between leadership and employees. AnonyMoose helps to build an inclusive culture of active listening, openness and fairness.

Your employees are calling for higher standards of trust and transparency. Are you meeting their call?

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Anonymous input

= Maximum output

Escape the executive echo chamber with an easy-to-integrate solution that gives companies genuine insight into their most valuable asset— their workforce. Find out from your employees in real time what’s working, what’s not working and what needs to change. Access the authentic feedback and true employee sentiment that are critical to the health and success of businesses and organizations. Set the stage for innovation, collaboration and growth.

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Finding our way to
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I).

AnonyMoose is the first DE&I architected communications solution designed to enable diversity, equity and inclusion. A content, diverse, inclusive workforce more willingly contributes to leadership, innovation and productivity. Assuring a healthier work environment also reduces risk while increasing opportunity for overall bottom line success.

AnonyMoose elevates the social battle cry to reduce toxicity and upraise fairness. AnonyMoose humanizes environments by bringing compassion, civility and personal value back to business.

AnonyMoose brings you four paths
for active listening and productive communication.


Establish direct open lines of anonymous communication between employees, managers and leadership with a system that is as on-the-go as your workforce is. Set the stage for sharing, inspiration, collaboration and active listening. 

Because the AnonyMoose app  and web functionality supports various types of attachments, both ways, you can put your point across more optimally with supporting documentation, images and even locations. Successful companies encourage employee engagement on every level: build success with AnonyMoose.

Employee Pulsing

Gather employee sentiment on issues large, small and in-between. Quickly draft and send rapid and anonymous polls and surveys. Send to your entire workforce or select targeted staff and provide single-tap or detailed [please confirm] answers to anything you wish to measure.

 The AnonyMoose employer dashboard includes analytics that allow management to easily view and process aggregated results of confidential polls and surveys.


Share mission-critical information in real time. Draft and send messages with attachments to all employees or a targeted sub group. A perfect way to communicate an urgency, issue reminders, bring attention to a new policy or mandatory training, and announce changes in organizational structure.


Traditional employer-created hotlines are underutilized and untrusted. AnonyMoose is a neutral, third-party solution that can alert a company to need-to-know issues that may be alienating your workforce and compromising the business.

 AnonyMoose’s easy-to-use sensitive incident reporting tool eliminates identity exposure and fear of retaliation with a system that allows for attachments in a two-way confidential communication.

AnonyMoose: Enterprise SaaS
(Software as a Service)
Inclusion Platform

Designed to deliver utmost benefits to better humanize your workforce environment.
Architected for Maximal CAPEX ROI and Maximum OPEX savings for our customers.
SaaS offers many advantages over traditional models of business software:
  • Super low up-front software cost: AnonyMoose is subscription-based and has no up-front license fees for any kind of software. (Platform, Application, OS)
  • Zero up-front hardware cost: AnonyMoose is deployed in the cloud. There are no up-front costs associated with IT infrastructure, space, etc.
  • Zero maintenance cost: AnonyMoose is deployed in the cloud.  No need to burn OPEX budget to recruit, or use existing manpower to maintain and support hardware and software. The responsibility is borne by AnonyMoose.
  • Quick setup and deployment: The software platform is already installed and configured in the cloud. Clients can easily set up and get going in as little as a few hours using our web-based control center.
  • Easy updates and upgrades: AnonyMoose manages the IT infrastructure that is running the software. This drastically reduces time and eliminates costs for hardware and software maintenance, updates and upgrades. AnonyMoose removes this workload and responsibility completely.
  • Accessibility: AnonyMoose access is easy. You need an internet connection, smartphone or computer. From anywhere in the World.
  • Scalability: AnonyMoose offers subscription options. You can add subscriptions as ROI transforms your business.
  • Configurability and Extensibility: AnonyMoose is SaaS in the cloud. Designed to be custom-configured for customers.

What our clients have to say

How AnonyMoose as a tool can help
in efficient communication management

Culture Improvement

Open suggestion box for all key teams including: Ops, HR and Leadership. Support communication, innovation and personal value.


Gather input on products, processes or other areas. A content workforce willingly contributes, increasing opportunity for success.

Emp. Pulsing (Polls and Surveys)

Eliminate blind spots. Send quick polls, surveys or ask for free form input. Track employee sentiment and connect the dots enabling practical, feasibly proactive measures.

Health & Safety

Flag risks and recommendations from your workforce, whether from the remote office, campus, factory or field. Welcome and build trust.

Risk & Compliance

Identify behaviors or processes increasing company risk. Reduce liability, toxicity and unfairness.

Addressing Microaggressions

Provide a genuine environment for employees to increase awareness on microaggressions, allow them to note and communicate observations; gather input for critical education.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Provide a trusted space for team members to voice input and ideas pertaining to DE&I.

Why teams are moving to

Increase Employee Tenure,
Satisfaction, Engagement and DE&I.

Encourage Employee Feedback, Positive Communication and Problem Reporting.

Create Open Innovation, Opportunity and Reduce Brand Risk.

Reduce External Whistleblowing and Internal Bias, Fear and Retaliation.

Establish a Principled Listening Culture that Cares About Happiness in the Workforce.

AnonyMoose improves
employee happiness


Communication between teams improve team productivity by 20% to 25%.


Employees who are engaged are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance.


Millennials look for employers with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values that match their own.

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In today’s business, technology is advancing at a breakneck pace that leave many scratching their heads. The question becomes what technologies are worth the investment?

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