Technology for Humanizing Workplaces

In today’s business, technology is advancing at a breakneck pace that leave many scratching their heads. The question becomes what technologies are worth the investment? This investment comes not only in purchasing the product, platform, or infrastructure, but in the employee cost of setup, learning, and upkeep. A common pitfall however, is acquiring the newest […]

Making Workplace Communication a Two-Way Street

Successful companies encourage employee engagement at every level. Think innovation and the brightest ideas come only from top level executives? Think again. Consider Brian Dunn, who started with Best Buy as a sales associate back in the 80’s. There were only a dozen stores operating back then. He was named Director and CEO in 2009. […]

How to Increase Accountability to Decrease Microaggressions and Harassment

Cause and effect is a simple yet invaluable concept that is learned at a very young age. If you touch the stove, then you will get burned. If you don’t eat, then you will get hungry. As we mature, this set of causal relationships is ingrained in our behavior. We become hardwired to avoid negative […]

A Happy Work Culture. Valued Employee = Happy Employee

33% – We spend about a third of our lives at work.  Let that sink in. It’s no longer a secret. Having a positive work culture directly influences employees in a positive way. Happy employees are much more likely to give it their best at work (think productivity). When employees wake up motivated and excited, […]

Giving a Voice to The Silent Majority

“We’re on the best places to work list!” It’s something employers love to brag about, but one has to wonder whether the lists serve a useful purpose. Workplace rankings can be found all over the web. They’re featured on sites such as Business Insider, Glassdoor, and Forbes, just to name a few. One of the […]